Maintenance and Repair: Cleaning and Maintaining your equipment to perform as you need it. Offline or In-line cleaning.

Preventative Maintenance: Schedule monthly or yearly walkthrough of your facility.

Restoration: Cleaning of facility applicators and equipment on line.

Environmentally Safe Applications:

Sodium Bicarbonate is a non-toxic non-hazardous food-grade material and is 100% water soluble, and environmentally safe. The process and materials are FDA/USDA and OSHA approved.

Non-Destructive: SodaBlasting removes contamination as bicarbonate-of-soda particles explode when they are pressure-driven onto the surface of the article being cleaned. The resulting release of energy disrupts and removes the contaminant, thus leaving the actual surface undamaged. Unlike destructive and abrasive sand-blasting, which often damages the underlying surface, the SodaBlast process causes no harm.

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